Welcome to 1500 Loans For Bad Credit

If you have low credit score and looking for a loan to fix your unplanned emergencies then you are the right place. With us at 1500 Loans For Bad Credit you can easily find loan that are obtainable despite your bad credit status. So, whenever you are in need of small emergency with fast approval, count on our services.

We are not direct lenders. But we work with a wide network of lenders who specialises in offering loans to anyone regardless of their less than perfect credit status. Approval against our loan deal will help you avail an amount up to 1500 Canadian dollars. For quick access to the approved cash, it will be deposited directly into your checking account. Once you have received it, you are free to spend it any way you want.

One of the biggest advantages of obtaining a loan through us is that you do not have to undergo a lot of formalities. Neither you will have to pledge any collateral against the borrowed money nor will you have to fax any documents. Due to the absence of these formalities, not only you will be saving time as well as money, but also get more time to repay back the borrowed loan.

Offered with easy installment option, you will have more flexibility when repaying back the borrowed money. By making repayment on time you will also get a chance to mend your past credit issues with time. Failure to make timely repayment can leave you with more debt than you may have started with.

Fulfilling a few preconditions is very important ahead of applying for a loan through us. You need to confirm that you are a citizen of Canada, have attained 18 years of age, hold a valid checking account and currently employed. Earning fixed income every month will help the lenders to identify your repayment ability.

We at 1500 Loans For Bad Credit will also offer you with an easy online application procedure. To apply all you will need to do is complete a small form online with the necessary details and submit it. Your request will be processed immediately and you will be provided with a quick response!

Representative Example
C$275 borrowed for 28 days.
Annual interest rate of 359.40%
Total amount repayable by one repayment is C$357.36
2610.15% APR Representative.